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Last updated 12/02/08


Registries are still available at:

Target Wish List (available in stores now)


This registry is just to give guidance and let you know what we like.


Season Tickets to the PA Renaissance Faire (one normal pass please, Paul is free until he’s 5 and we already have one royal pass -

Digital Phone system with answering machine and at least 1 additional headset (the type that uses only one phone jack)

Furnace Filter 16 x 25 x 4

Silver Charger Plates (16)

Digital Photo Frame

4 GB SD Card

Pantry Cabinets

Wood Glider (one 5 ft glider or “loveseat” glider)

New refrigerator (Stainless Steel or Black with water/ice dispenser in door)

Analog (film) Camera with Zoom and auto flash (35 MM)
 Gift Certificates:

    Babies R Us
    Bed Bath and Beyond

    Lowes (preferred) or Home Depot

    Hibachi in Springfield or downtown

    Red Lobster

    Ruby Tuesday

    Medieval Times in MD (

    Airline Tickets (3) to MO or OK to see family
    Cruise tickets

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